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Canon - Kinda obvious. :D

Team Archangel
- Dean is taken from canon (unless the writers screw up >|) throughout season 6 and applied to the alternative reality he's now in with Sam (lost_myshoe ) and Cas (diefirst ). Cue multiple versions of himself, his brother and his angel friend with added angst because it just wouldn't be an SPN-based verse without it.

Twitterverse - Cracktastic. Pre-apocalypse with Cas (diefirst ) and the open road. It's a shame that open road tends to get them into too many scrapes to count.

Anything else Dean has been in/is supposed to be part of that isn't listed I've lost track of. I'm sorry! D: If you want to remind me and/or have an idea or two, feel free to poke me! Just be aware that, in general, I'm go slow on weekdays since I'm in a completely different timezone to most of you and work kicks my ass more often than not. :\


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Dean is human and doesn't have any particular superpowers, but he does have a fairly decent grasp on the supernatural, signs of it, traits of many different types of supernatural creatures. He's also a hunter of the supernatural, something he's been exposed to since the age of 6/7 and has been participating in from his teenage years. SO:
  • he's far more likely to be able to pick up on the supernatural beings on the ship where other people probably wouldn't be able to see it outright or without very physical indicators. He's going to be able to focus in on strange behaviour and will probably be able to classify it slightly quicker than the average non-hunter human
  • he's also very good at hunting people/things down regardless of their powers (within reason)
  • he's also quick, strong and has very intimate experience with fighting, shooting and torture. Unfortunately, he isn't invincible, so sometimes this isn't enough and he gets his ass handed to him D:
So if you pleeeeeease! Fill this form out for me to let me know how much you'd like Dean to be able to pick up about your character. I don't want to tread on any toes by having him staring at werewolves like he's about to reach for a silver bullet if that's not okay with you!

Thank yoooou!


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Name: Dean Winchester
Canon: Supernatural
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: 5x22
Number: 124 (if that number is already taken, 179!)

Setting: Earth, 21st Century. Supernatural beings aren’t accepted as real by the planet’s inhabitants but a few people, hunters like Dean, know better. These hunters seek out these monsters in order to protect regular citizens from these supernatural forces in an attempt to keep a balance in the world. Many of these hunters lose their lives to the job and few make it to middle-age due to the risks involved going head-to-head with the likes of demons, angry spirits, vampires, werewolves and more.

In January of 1979, Dean was born a healthy, happy baby to John and Mary Winchester, in Lawrence, Kansas. Life was simple and pleasant and 4 year old Dean took it very seriously when his little brother Sam, born in May of 1983, became part of the family.

Six months later, Dean’s mom is killed in a mysterious fire in Sam’s nursery and, consumed by thoughts of revenge and ideas of the supernatural being behind it, Dean’s father is driven to a life on the road with his two young sons. John Winchester, formerly a mechanic, is drawn into the world of hunting the supernatural and, from this particular moment in time, Dean’s whole life is shaped for him.

As Dean and Sam both grow up on the road, Dean is relied on heavily by his father to take care of his younger brother in both a domestic and emotional sense. John leaves the boys alone for days at a time as soon as he feels that Dean is old enough to cope and, in that time, Dean becomes Sam’s father figure and protector. One Christmas, with no money and no sign of his father, Dean resorts to stealing from a house not far from the motel they’ve been left in to make sure that Sam has a present to open. His little brother’s welfare is more important to him than his own and this becomes his ultimate focus where his father fails to be more of a father to both of them.

When they're moved from school to school, Dean’s primary focus is still Sam with the addition of a new distraction when he hits puberty in the shape of girls. Academic studies are never high up his agenda, instead forfeiting a traditional education because he feels like there’s no point settling in anywhere. He has grown accustomed to life on the road and with that familiarity comes a strange sort of comfort. In Dean’s opinion, all he needs to learn about relates to hunting, and they don’t teach that in school.

Sam finally reaches an age where he can go off to college and the relationship between the brothers and their dad and Sam is strained when he successfully gets a place at Stanford, studying Law. Dean doesn’t understand why Sam wants to stray from the family business but knows deep down that his brother is academically smart enough to do whatever he wants, and that this could be his out of a life they’ve both been forced into from an age where they had no choice. With the loss of a little brother to constantly look after, Dean throws himself into hunting full-time, sometimes with his father and sometimes out on his own. Outside of John and Sam, Dean doesn’t make a habit of hunting with anyone else, instead gains the only social contact he needs by having a girl in every town he passes through.

It’s during this time that Dean becomes an accomplished hunter, his skills sharpened, tightened and honed, his hustler-by-day, hunter-by-night lifestyle affording him the open road and freedom he believes he desperately wants. He acquires his father’s old Impala, something they’ve worked on together to fix up and that ends up becoming his most prized possession (and, later in canon, something which both saves his life and the world!).

Dean doesn’t see Sam again until, one night, he breaks into his apartment in California and they get into a physical fight in the dark before his brother realizes it’s him. Their father is missing on a hunting trip and, though he can’t say too much because Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, is within earshot, what he does say sets off alarm bells in Sam’s head too. It's commonly known by both Sam and Dean that their father is bent on finding the demon who killed their mother and, though Sam has been out of action for a few years while he’s been at college, he agrees to go with Dean to try and track him down.  Dean and Sam end up working a job in a town they know their father has been through recently and though they successfully solve it (and find their father’s journal to help them on hunts) when Dean manages to get Sam back to Stanford before an important exam, there’s little either of them can do about what happens next. Jessica dies in an identical fire to the one in Sam’s nursery on Sam’s bedroom ceiling and, having lost her, he insists on going with Dean to find their dad and hunt down the demon responsible.

The two brothers hit the road and, following coordinations from their father, end up working hunting jobs up and down the country on his trail as they attempt to find him. The bond between them grows stronger and, though they’re now both men, Dean doesn’t let up on how protective he is of his younger brother.

While they are out traveling on the road, they discover that Sam has developed a very specific supernatural power: telekinesis. This is hard for Dean to come to terms with and really starts to challenge his usually black and white set of guidelines on what is a monster and what isn’t. He refuses to shun Sam, however, instead tries his best to comfort him and deny that there’s nothing they can do about it. When the two of them finally catch up with their father, they discover that there is only one thing that can kill the demon, Azazel, who killed their mother: a gun made by a hunter called Samuel Colt, aptly named the Colt.

Their happiness at being back together again and having a solid lead on how to exact their revenge pulls the family tighter together and, after a little persuasion from Dean, Sam and their dad make peace. This couldn’t happen sooner as, plowed into by an 18-wheeler with a demon behind the wheel, they are involved in a serious car accident. The accident leaves Dean in a coma and forces John to trade his life for his eldest son’s. Dean survives the coma thanks to his father’s sacrifice and decides with Sam that they should seek out the Colt and finish what their father started.

With every passing day and every hunt they go on while they’re searching for both the Colt and Azazel, Dean can’t help but notice the changes in Sam. The younger man ends up having nightmares that worry Dean more than he lets on and, though his powers flit in and out depending on numerous factors, their reason become apparent when he’s abducted by Azazel. Sam learns that he is one of the special children, chosen at the age of six months to be trialed in a Battle Royale style event with others like him leaving Dean trailing behind to try and find him. The winner will be selected to lead Lucifer’s army. It takes Dean longer than he wants to find out where Sam is and, when he finally gets there, his brother has gets killed by another “special child”, Jake.

Dean finds himself unable to live without Sam and, after a session of heavy drinking and the Winchester way of dealing with things, he summons a Crossroads demon and makes a deal. He trades his soul for Sam’s, just as his father did for him. In exchange, Sam is brought back to life and Dean is given a year before his soul will be reaped and he’ll be dragged down to Hell. This is something he keeps from Sam until he has to confess what he’s done, something that his younger brother vows to fix in whatever way he can. They track down Azazel, finally, and Dean finally kills him with the Colt, but not before a gate of Hell is opened. Demons and other creatures escape, including an archdemon called Lilith whose role, now that she’s made it topside again, becomes clear later.

Dean tries to dissuade Sam from breaking the contract he has with a demon whose identity remains a secret until the boys can extract the information by any means necessary. The original deal means that if Dean tries to go back on the terms set out, Sam will drop dead and, maybe selfishly, Dean doesn’t want to be left behind alone, again. They spend the final year of Dean’s life trying to clean up the mess created by the gate of Hell opening and, already more and more on edge the closer they get to that deadline, he also has to come to terms with the relationship Sam strikes up with a demon named Ruby. Dean hates her and makes no secret of it despite Sam believing she can be useful to them. She has promised Sam that she knows how to get Dean out of the contract and, just as with Dean, Sam’s real weakness is his brother. It comes to light that it’s Lilith who holds the contract for his soul and, desperate to kill her, the clock runs short and his time finally comes to be taken to Hell. He is dragged there by Hell Hounds, sentenced to spend eternity there.

Four months later (which equates to forty years in Hell),  Dean wakes up in a coffin buried in the ground. Having no idea why he’s back on Earth and not in Hell or where Sam or Bobby (a man who acts like a father to them) are, he manages to escape and goes looking for the only two people he believes will have the answers. He tracks down Bobby first but, before he can leave to look for Sam, finally understands how he came to escape Hell. An angel, sent down from Heaven to lay siege to Hell for his soul, raised him from perdition. Up until this point, Dean, Sam and Bobby hadn’t believed that angels existed and, though there is a fair amount of animosity towards the angel despite what he’s done, he and Dean become friends over time. He tracks down Sam and later learns from Castiel that Heaven have finally decided to get involved because Lilith is attempting to break the 66 seals which keeps Lucifer’s cage locked. When those seals are broken, Lucifer will be released and will bring on the start of the apocalypse.

Dean tells Sam that he has no recollection of Hell to avoid awkward and difficult questions but, forced to be honest with his brother, finally admits that he remembers every second of it. He is plagued with nightmares and left with the kind of skills that he wishes he never learnt. He also discovers that, ultimately, he broke the first seal of Lucifer’s cage when he was down in Hell. Every day in Hell, Alistair, a demon, would ask Dean to get down off the rack to torture other souls and every day Dean refused. He refused for years until, finally, no longer able to take the torment, finally becomes a protégé of Alistair’s. He later discovers that this was the first seal: “when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell”. This adds to the already unbearable amount of guilt that Dean carries around with him and when he’s given the news by Castiel that he also has to be the man to stop the apocalypse, suffers a massive crisis of confidence and tells him he isn’t strong enough.

As Dean and Sam's relationship becomes more strained, Dean and Castiel grow into a pair of unlikely friends. When he returns from Hell Dean discovers that his brother’s powers have gotten so strong that he can now exorcise demons with them, he doesn’t feel comfortable or trust why this is now the case. Later, when he’s discovered why Sam and Ruby have formed such a close relationship, he loses his temper and, ultimately, it drives a further wedge between him and Sam. Sam’s abilities are aided by drinking demon blood which has been supplied by Ruby and, with a little interference from the demon, the brothers go their separate ways, Sam believing that Dean thinks he’s a monster.

Dean is unable to find Sam once he realizes what the real situation is: his brother is going to be tricked into breaking the final seal, something which he races to stop. Unable to get there in time, Sam kills Lilith whose death is the final seal and, realizing he’s been betrayed by Ruby who wanted the release of Lucifer all along, holds her arms when Dean breaks in through the doors. They kill her and try to escape before Lucifer’s cage opens fully and, without explanation, suddenly find themselves on board a plane and nowhere near the crypt they’ve just come from.

With Lucifer free from his cage and Heaven finally weighing in heavily in an attempt to fight back, Dean, Sam and Bobby, and the rest of the world, are caught in the middle of two warring and very powerful sides. Dean also has to deal with the guilt Sam harbors for opening Lucifer’s cage and, at times, has to protect him from other hunters who find out what  Sam has done from demons who want to cause havoc in the hunting community.

He learns, through Castiel’s superior, an angel called Zachariah, that he is the “Michael Sword”, the human vessel destined to be the archangel Michael’s when he comes to Earth to fight Lucifer. Similarly, Sam discovers that he is Lucifer’s true vessel. Neither Lucifer or Michael may possess either Winchester brother until they’ve said yes. It becomes necessary for Castiel to carve Enochian symbols into his ribs, to hide him from Heaven as, wanting Michael to fight Lucifer, Heaven becomes as dangerous to the Winchester’s as Hell does. They spend their time trying to find a way to avert the apocalypse and keep both Heaven and Hell at bay, all the while still hunting the monsters they come across and coming to terms with the fact that they have two full armies willing the brothers to turn against each other for the purposes of a war on a global scale. Dean in particular refuses to say yes because he knows that if this fight happens, half of the world will be destroyed in the process. He dedicates his time to trying to find another way and, learning that a ring from each of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse will combine to form a key to Lucifer’s cage, he, Sam, Bobby and Castiel (who rebels against Heaven to join Dean’s cause) work to lure Lucifer back to the cage so they can lock him back up.

While they're trying to find rings and fight off Lucifer's and Heaven's advances, they receive a strange message from a 19-year old kid called Adam who claims that John Winchester is his father too. Realizing that Adam isn’t just a demon trying to lure them into a trap and that he is their half-brother, Dean gets angry at the normal upbringing he got while he and Sam had a life of hunting. Unfortunately, it comes to light that Adam and his mother were both killed and the creatures pretending to be them are ghouls.

Things don’t quite go to plan and Sam says yes to Lucifer, granting him his true vessel and making him stronger than ever before, and Dean, Bobby and Castiel have to dig deep and fight hard to get to the graveyard Lucifer is to fight Michael in. Dean and Sam’s half-brother, Adam, ends up being a substitute vessel for Michael and the fight is due to go ahead, both Bobby and Castiel killed in the process. The fate of the world hinges on Dean’s ability to try and reach his brother, conscience still inside his own body with Lucifer and it’s a tiny toy soldier stuck in the Impala that catches Sam’s eye, leaves a severely beaten and bloodied Dean crumpling on the floor before he opens the cage and throws himself into it, sacrificing his life to make sure Lucifer is locked away again.

Alone and dying in a graveyard, Dean is surprised when Castiel appears beside him, very much alive again, and, having been brought back to life, his angel friend heals him and brings Bobby back to life too. It is from this point in Supernatural canon that Dean is taken from.

Dean’s life hasn’t been particularly easy and, thanks to some fairly major life events, his personality has been shaped in such a way that could be considered both extreme and antisocial by other people’s standards. That said, he has a number of admirable qualities which are also rare and hard to find in people at times.

Dean is fiercely loyal to those he considers family. He has so few members of his biological family left that he has assembled his own makeshift family, including Sam, Bobby, Castiel and Ellen and Jo. For these people, he will do anything, and though he has fraught relationships with all of them at times, his intentions and protectiveness stem from a good place.

More often than not, though his moral compass lacks in certain areas (see: casual sexual relations with no possibility of a relationship & alcohol abuse), he has very rigid views on other aspects of life. Human life is important to him and protecting the innocent and helpless from the monsters they don’t believe in has become his life’s work. He would be lost without hunting and the rewards reaped from being able to go out and make a difference to other people’s lives. He is altruistic, often leaving himself in mortal danger so other people can escape unharmed and alive. In the same vein, if he can't hunt for whatever reason he gets antsy, bored and frustrated very quickly.

Dean is rarely happy but he has learnt to take pleasure from simple things. Food brings him a great deal of comfort where a lack of a social support group (aside from the usual suspects - see: Sam, Bobby, Castiel, Ellen & Jo) leaves a hole. He finds it too hard to talk to Sam straight up about the problems, doubts and fears he is facing because he believes he needs to be strong for his younger brother. He adores the open road and listening to old school rock music with the windows rolled down and the wind in his... incredibly short hair. The entire experience for him, and the feel of the open road beneath the tires, allows him to keep a firmer grip on pseudo-freedom that his life has seldom had. From a young age he’s been raised as a babysitter and then a soldier, his life mapped out for him all because of his mother’s death and his father’s response.

Humor understandably on the dark side, Dean uses it a lot as a self-defense mechanism when he’s particularly affected, scared or worried, or simply doesn’t want to offer up his own views on certain topics. He finds it easier to crack a joke about a dire situation than he does face up to how much it scares him. His humor often descends into crude jokes and innuendo on a regular basis.

Dean’s stubbornness can be both a godsend and a curse. He will stick with what he believes is right even if it isn’t and, though that sometimes pays off, it’s hard to change his mind once it’s made up. He’d go down with a sinking ship if he thought that it was the right thing to do. It’s also thanks to his stubbornness and unwillingness to say yes to Michael that he didn’t kickstart the fight between Michael and Lucifer a lot earlier. Despite being given stage 4 stomach cancer by Zachariah in an attempt to “persuade” him to say yes, he still says no, stubborn until he and Sam are both rescued by Castiel.

He has a tendency to lose his temper easily, hot-headed and definitely speaking before really thinking about what is coming out of his mouth. His smart remarks have gotten him into hot water more than once and though it ties in with using humor as a self-defense mechanism, sometimes he really means what he says to be confrontational.

Dean also has serious issues committing to romantic relationships, his version of company being a new girl in every town they pass through on a job. He doesn’t allow himself to get swept up in the emotions associated with a relationship and instead prefers to take the physical benefits instead. Sex is important to him and, most likely, serves as a healthier alternative to alcohol.

He deals with a vast and unhealthy amount of his negative emotions with alcohol, preferring to get drunk over thrashing out a compromise or conclusion to something that’s really bothering him. He takes comfort in the numbing effects of alcohol instead of admitting that he may actually have a problem. With casual alcohol abuse, he can stem thoughts, emotions and memories until they become a little less painful. It’s also something he uses to passively deal with the dangerous amount of guilt he carries everywhere with him. He takes a lot of things that have gone wrong in his life as his own personal failings and that extends to also shouldering the guilt in turn.

It takes him a long time to open up about things that are truly bothering him, and generally this is only in front of the people he truly trusts and cares about. Sam, Bobby and Castiel have all seen what happens when Dean is on his very last legs, emotionally. He’s so used to bottling up and burying his emotions and what he considers weakness in dealing with things he should have a handle on that he finds it difficult even talking to these trusted people. Eventually, he will talk but it requires a great deal of patience and commitment from people to stick with him and wait for the explanation.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

⟼ Proficient with firearms, particularly the Colt and his sawed-off shotgun. He is an accomplished, damn-near perfect marksman, very rarely missing his target. He was taught to shoot a gun aged 6 by his father.

⟼ He also knows martial arts and knows how to use knives at both short and long range, and in close combat.

⟼ He has a knack for knocking up makeshift, if slightly basic and rudimentary, weapons and times and has shown his knowledge of electronics and engineering to be decent with his homemade devices (mostly to track supernatural presence).

⟼ He possesses extensive knowledge of the supernatural, most learnt as he was growing up from his father, but also thanks to his own lengthy experience being a hunter.

⟼ He also has an experienced insight into law enforcement agencies and the way they work, posing as FBI, homeland security, cops and more on a regular basis.

⟼ He is an accomplished mechanic, a hobby that started when he was a teenager when he and his dad fixed up the ’67 black Chevy Impala that Dean now calls his own.

⟼ Surprisingly stealthy for such a stocky guy, manages to sneak in and out of places he shouldn’t be and evades death and law enforcement successfully on a regular basis.

⟼ He’s good at picking locks, carjacking and breaking security systems – mostly things which could be considered just slightly against the law. He’s also familiar with and good at hustling pool, poker and other less than savory ways of making some money for gas and food.

⟼ Since he’s returned from Hell, Dean has also had extensive knowledge of torture and how to inflict it on others. It’s something he won’t ever admit to willingly and won’t talk about. Only extremely effective emotional blackmail could get him to pick up a scalpel again.
⟼ Dean’s biggest weakness is by far his younger brother, Sam. Sam will always be Dean’s Achilles Heel because Dean takes such responsibility for him, a hang up from when they were kids. He’s practically raised Sam from a baby and as such feels as protective and liable as a parent would. He has killed, lied and gone to Hell for his brother and would do it again if given the choice.

⟼ Women feature highly on Dean’s list of weaknesses too. His love of the female form gets him into more scrapes than the average man and he is a born womanizer. He can’t resist laying on the charm if he there is a pretty girl around. Sometimes it backfires awfully, but a lot of the time he’s successful in his endeavors.

⟼ The fear of being alone also plays highly onto Dean’s list of weaknesses. His inability to imagine his life without Sam ultimately earns him his place in Hell, trading his own soul for Sam’s. It isn’t the overriding reason for why he does this, but it certainly factors in. Though he doesn’t have any friends outside of the hunting community, and very few within it, Dean is able to forge a few very intense, very close friendships. His friends become his family and that isn’t something that’s helped by the kind of life he leads.

⟼ The innocent and helpless – Dean can’t ignore pleas for help from people who have no way of saving themselves. He continually puts himself in mortal danger to save perfect strangers on a regular basis from supernatural horrors.

⟼ Dean’s reliance on alcohol is also a weakness and a significant chink in his armor at times. He spends an unhealthy amount of time imbibing alcohol when he isn’t required to be sober. His drinking has caused multiple problems, not least his decision to trade his soul for Sam’s with a crossroads demon. His drink of choice can also be used as a scale for how screwed up he feels. You know he’s having a bad day when he’s knocking back the whiskeys.

⟼ Dean is afraid of flying so much that it can be classed as a phobia. He cites that this is the reason he drives everywhere and, as a counter-measure, calms himself down listening to Metallica.
Power Limitations:
Being human, Dean doesn’t have any powers, as such. Since returning from Hell he’s found he can see demons’ true faces, even when they’re possessing a human and are otherwise undistinguishable He also has Enochian sigils carved on his ribs, a present from Castiel to keep him hidden from angels. These only work on angels, though he has enough knowledge to make up hex bags should he need to hide himself from demons too. I assume these would all still work on the ship, provided the items he needs for hex bags are available.
Inventory: Car keys to the Impala. Just... no Impala. :( A packet of beef jerky. A lighter. A hunting knife.

Dean stands at 6’1 tall, has a stocky but athletic build at 175lbs and slightly bowed legs. He has short, light brown hair, green eyes and freckles dotted sparingly across his nose. He is considered objectively good-looking and always has a 5 o'clock shadow. Dean takes little care over his appearance aside from keeping a sensible haircut. He also has a protective plated pentagram tattoo on the upper left side of his chest, surrounded by sunrays, to avoid demonic possession. Since he was raised from Hell by Castiel, he also has the angel’s handprint seared into the bicep of his right arm.
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Age: 31 (at the canon point specified)

AU Clarification: n/a

Log Sample:

It's not that he was expecting Cas to screw up, he just doesn't know of any other time he's been quite as lucky as he’s been today. He wants to check someone hasn’t planted a rabbit’s foot on him, but he doesn’t get time. Somehow, everything has gone according to plan, and he even has all of the money he won from the bar the night before. Hustling is such an easy money-maker when the alternative is sharp fangs and bad breath.

He's now sat back in his beloved car having been sprung from the county jail, looks dazed but mostly conscious. The dizziness might also have something to do with the cut on the back of his head, but knowing that and admitting there’s a problem are two different things. Dean doesn’t do the latter. There’s blood matted into his hair and it isn't until he shakes some cubes of glass out of the collar of his shirt he realizes he was hit over the head with a bottle. It helps explain the dull ache and sharp pain he can feel all at once. Someone thought they were playing for the Red Sox and his head was the goddamn ball.

When he glances over at Cas, eyes tired from the night before having had no sleep, he can't help but look fiercely proud despite the pain and the exhaustion. Once again he’s proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s mostly comparable to a cockroach. Maybe it’s his spirit animal. All he knows is that he’s harder to kill than the little critters.

"We gotta skip town." It involves driving which he's not entirely sure is a good idea, but once again he's left without a choice. They can't be seen in St. Louis now, not when certain sides get wind of his face popping up in the local bar, causing a brawl and then disappearing again just as suddenly. Dean’s reckless at the best of times but today his sense of self-preservation is the right side of sensible. Today they’re going to leave town quietly.

Comms Sample:

[He’s pinching very visibly at the bridge of his nose for a second or two before he realizes this is broadcasting to everyone. That hand covering his eyes drops away and green eyes fix on the little LED on his device.  He takes a second to actually think about what the hell he wants to say, for once.

To say this is any less weird than the freaking apocalypse he’s just come from would be a lie. Actually, this is all kinds of screwed up. Suddenly he misses Bobby being a grouchy asshole and Cas’s feathery ass and Sam? He’s just trying not to think about Sam right now. No, instead he’s stuck in an episode of Star Trek with, from what he’s seen, people who are nowhere near as hot as the Uhura chick from the movie...]

Who the hell’s in charge around here? And who wants to explain why I’ve got a number tattooed into my goddamn arm? Swear to that douche 'Upstairs', if this has anythin’ to do with any of you feathery assholes I will kick your asses from here to... whatever.

[He just can’t quite bring himself to ask to be sent back yet, not when he knows Sam will still be missing. When he starts talking again he looks a little more confused and a little less pissed as hell. He looks like he's resigned himself to something. Whether it's being stuck here or something else, that isn't immediately clear.]

I have no idea how I got here. I have a number in my arm and right now, for all I know, I’m in some kinda concentration camp for guys who didn’t quite finish what they started. Anybody with answers? I’ll trade you strips of my beef jerky for information. Maybe.
Fine 'm smilin'

Christmas Gifts

...because everyone's making him look bad.

Team Archangel

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Cas - He thought pretty long and hard about this. He's already well past the point of it being awkward, but he's left this, an identical version of his own, along with these on the table. The rest of your present is somewhere here. You just have to find it first.

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Dean Winchester [SPN] iamwinchester - canon
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Loki [Dogma] believeinthis
Archangel Suriel [OC] commandofgod
Merlin [BBC's Merlin] lights_his_way

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for diefirst

When he comes around the first time it’s dark, too dark to be anywhere with windows. He doesn’t understand how he got back inside, or which part of the cabin he’s in, but he’s too busy passing out again to be alarmed. It’s only when he cracks his eyes open a second time the concern switches to flat-out worry with the speed of a bullet. He was looking for Cas in the forest, he remembers that. But he can’t feel the warm lump that’s usually next to him anywhere. He can’t feel the feathers he’s growing used to either.

That few seconds of acute worry means his brain has completely bypassed everything else that’s wrong. For starters, he can’t hear out of one of his ears, his head hurts, he thinks he may have broken a rib when he finally moves to try and figure out where the hell he is and, more importantly, where Cas is. He doesn’t make a sound though until he hits his head, metal clanging loudly as he realizes just what he's in. This isn’t the cabin, and it’s not the forest. It’s a cage.

He can feel the anger boiling up inside of him. This wasn’t supposed to happen, and even while he’s checking his pockets to see if he still has his cell phone on him, he’s cursing under his breath.
Somebody's Saviour

for diefirst

He hasn't mentioned that he stopped off to put an angry spirit out of its misery on the way back from his two-day mini-roadtrip. He doesn't mention it because he doesn't want Cas to ask him why they didn't go together. Dean knows the answer will upset the other man, so instead he's bringing back supplies for what's going to be more freedom for Cas and some time they can use to look over the books he's picked up. He hasn't told Cas just how many libraries he's scoured since the wings appeared, but that's not important anyway. What's important is that he needs the answer.

When he steps foot through the door it's as he's slipping his cell back into his pocket. As much as he's not going to say it where anyone else can see or hear it, he's missed Cas too. But that much is obvious in the smile he's wearing as he sets his sights on the other man.

"Did I ever play you that song by Aerosmith?" He knows Cas didn't understand his reference from before, but he can probably change that by digging out the cassette he buried somewhere at the back of his collection.