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[ooc] Contact Thread
If you'd like to contact Dean's mun, please leave a comment here. :D

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Jo's REALLY not that bitter, I swear. lol I just haven't had the chance to play out her being like "so what was that all about!!?" yet so she's kinda jumping all over it.

And I almost just typed 'humping', wow. It's definitely almost bedtime. XD

Anyway! Your Dean's a lot of fun, Jo definitely likes joking around with him.

LOL! Ohai! I'm sure she'd like to be humping all over it too when the it in question is Dean. *smirk*

Bedtime? Timezones FTL! *has been at work for 2 hours* :P

Thanks! My Dean says he likes joking around with your Jo. :D She's fiesty. He likes that. And probably only hasn't done anything because he really is that scared of Ellen.

lol, she's really over it! I swear! I mean, hell, not that she wouldn't. BUT. She's not crushin' on him anymore. I think.

Dean can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :P Probably best, to be fair. >.>

He's not exactly got the best track record, and I think he likes her enough as a person to not want to put her through shit. *nodnod*

XD My theory is that going a year or two without seeing him is probably what did it. And the not calling her thing, even though she knew he probably wouldn't. She'll pretend to be all "hm what, idc" but she prolly still does. A little, anyway.

That and grew up a bit. :D Worked out Dean's not exactly an awesome catch. Dude's broken inside. :S

Ahahah, Jo ALMOST just protested, but realized it would make her look bad. Jo: *zips her lips*

Bwaha. Broken Dean needs looking after. Not that he'd ever admit it. He likes lying to himself.

Jo's all "I got your back, yo!!" but, you know. In her head. 'Cause they aren't actually talking about it. And she's definitely willing to be there to patch him up, physically or however else.

I'm sure Dean wouldn't complain about the 'however else' part, even if he's pretty sure he doesn't need patching up because he's a manly man, and'll walk around with his leg hanging off if he has to.

Suuuuuure. :D *SQUISHES DEAN, but not his possible severed leg. eww.* Welp! She does work at a bar, so, shots and heart-to-heart conversations, ahoy! I'm not a hardcore shipper or anything, but I admit I really did like their scenes telling family stories. Poor hunter kids. <3

Shots're what Dean likes to hear. Heart-to-heart comes waaay after the first shot.

Can't say I've ever really shipped them, but I can definitely see how it would work.

Well, yeah, same for Jo. xD

I didn't really either until I started playing her and reading SPN fanfiction. Damn the fanfics!! lol They make everything seem so great with their fancy words and random plots.

Fancy words. *snorts*

Honestly? I didn't ship anything in SPN until Cas came along. >.>

Eeehehehe. Castiel is really way too hot to be an angel. it's just not faiirrr.

Oh yeah. And to be honest, it's becoming less and less of a push to be believable. Cas gave up everything for Dean. And Dean apparently finds dudes in cowboy boots sexy. *smirk*

LOL. Cas in cowboy boots? ;)

Heyheyhey, um, do you have AIM? :D

I do. Why, you gonna stalk me?! :P


I miss you ♥


Aw, dude! *squish* I'll be back properly this weekend, I think. ♥


YAAAAYYYY Okay cause i wanna roleplay with you cause I miss you and your awesome <3

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