Dean Winchester (iamwinchester) wrote,
Dean Winchester

A lunchdate for ladies. And Dean.

Having given Buffy the address of the motel both he and Cas are holed up in, Dean's both trying to keep a low profile and keep a look out for the Slayer, sandwich in one hand and his other hand buried in his pocket. He doesn't want to make Cas feel any sicker than he already does by eating in front of him, but the truth is, like always, he's starving. That and he has the vague idea that he's starting to annoy an already cranky ex-angel.

He tries to keep his attention on the parking lot, but the sandwich really is awesome and he's definitely going back to the diner to get another one the next chance he gets. Buffy and Cas can keep their soup. This sandwich is perfection.
Tags: verse: twitterverse/crack, who: angelbuffy, who: diefirst
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