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for diefirst
Somebody's Saviour
He hasn't mentioned that he stopped off to put an angry spirit out of its misery on the way back from his two-day mini-roadtrip. He doesn't mention it because he doesn't want Cas to ask him why they didn't go together. Dean knows the answer will upset the other man, so instead he's bringing back supplies for what's going to be more freedom for Cas and some time they can use to look over the books he's picked up. He hasn't told Cas just how many libraries he's scoured since the wings appeared, but that's not important anyway. What's important is that he needs the answer.

When he steps foot through the door it's as he's slipping his cell back into his pocket. As much as he's not going to say it where anyone else can see or hear it, he's missed Cas too. But that much is obvious in the smile he's wearing as he sets his sights on the other man.

"Did I ever play you that song by Aerosmith?" He knows Cas didn't understand his reference from before, but he can probably change that by digging out the cassette he buried somewhere at the back of his collection.

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He only opens his mouth in confusion when Cas says up, but the question is answered without any prompting. Somewhere in the back of his mind, where he can still be a smartass, he's waiting to say he's already up. 

Instead of unleashing the smart comment he does as he's told, sitting up and feeling the muscles in his stomach tightening with the action. It's easy to wrap his arms around Cas's waist from there while he strains up for a kiss.

The moment that Dean's sat upright, Castiel wraps his arms around his shoulders, pulling himself as close as he can. It hinders his movements just then, but it gives him the perfect reach to kiss Dean with all that he has. He only pulls back when his lungs start to protest at the lack of oxygen, and with only a few breaths taken, he gets back to moving once again, grateful that their new position means he doesn't have to move far from Dean in the process. Just how he feels about it all now is proved with the smile that's managed to make its way back onto his face.

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The corner of his eyes crinkle with the smile he returns the second he sees Cas's. There's been less of that than usual lately, and no matter what else is going on, Dean knows he would do a lot of things just to see it.

The palms of his hands end up resting across Cas's lower back, holding him up and keeping them close as he finally starts to move again. Now that their positions have changed so has how it feels, but he's okay substituting just how deep he can go with having Cas's chest up against his own.

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He rests his head on Dean's shoulder, not caring that the position is less than comfortable. It leaves him with his face pressed against Dean's neck, the kisses he presses there growing sloppy with each rise and fall of his body. His eyes squeeze shut after a moment, arms tightening, and it's the only warning he gives before he unfolds his wings again to wrap his feathers around the two of them.

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Half blanketed in the wings and not having much warning, Dean pulls back slightly to look closer at the feathers. It's only half an attempt to focus on them properly because the way Cas keeps dropping back down into his lap feels good. It gives him a little extra time to work out what he wants to do next though.

He slides one of his hands round from Cas's back until it's back at his hip. It only waits there for a second, fingers squeezing gently before he slides the hand between them, blindly reaching for Cas's cock. Fingertips grazing the underside first, he takes a moment to lean back slightly and fix his gaze on Cas's face before he wraps his hand properly around it, tugging the way he knows the other man likes it.

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It's good! Though this is the first time I've had a chance to make the most of it properly. On an actual computer.

His eyes snap back open at that, and it takes him a while before he's able to focus enough to look back at Dean. His arms slide back enough to let his hands grip at Dean's shoulders instead, his fingers a little tighter than needed. He isn't able to stop himself though. Not once he finally takes in just what's happening right now; at the fact that Dean still wants this with him, even after seeing the wings he's been given back.

He tries to give a smile at that again, but he only barely manages it, too busy trying to remember how to breathe again. Dean really does know him far too well, and it's something he's never going to stop being thankful for.

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Sob. That's another reason why I like weekends. No time to use the PC on weekdays.

Smile turning into a smirk at the reaction he's getting, Dean's eyes stay fixed on Cas's face, barely blinking to avoid missing anything else. The hand still at his hip tightens too, but not in response to the fingers he can feel at his shoulders. He can see Cas is losing control and he wants the guy to stay exactly where he is. Right in his lap.

"Missed this." His voice is broken with everything that's going on, but he gets what's on his mind out there. And he's not just talking about the fact they're having sex. He's forgotten the last time they were this close.


Tell me about it. This week kicked my ass. In a good kinda way because I got loads done but still... I'm exhausted now. >|

"Missed you." The words come out in a rush of air, his ability to speak clearly slipping away far too easily. His thoughts aren't far from Dean's right now; hating the fact that even though it's only been a few days, it feels like far longer since they were simply just around each other, yet alone doing this.

He does his best to try and blank those thoughts from both their minds as he pushes himself down as far as he can, knowing that it wont be the same as normal, but refusing to not let it count.

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Right there with you. Weekdays are made of ass.

"Cas..." He can't stop the name falling from his lips at just how deep Cas is forcing him, and the sharp almost desperate breath he sucks in proves just how out of control the other man is sending him. It's only the hand at wrapped around Cas's cock and the fact he knows it's appreciated that's keeping him from just falling back against the bed again.

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Made of ass? HAHA. What.

Each sound Dean makes only serves to drive him on, constantly finding himself caught between pushing forward into Dean's grip, and driving down onto his cock. He wants both, and he wants them now. It's why he tries to move faster then, despite how difficult it is to maintain any kind of speed. Or any kind of control.

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He can feel more than see the difference in movement now, like Cas doesn't know which to focus on first, his cock or his ass. Since Dean knows the man well enough, he figures he's probably not thinking about either, but more pleasing him.

It's why he wraps an arm around Cas's hips, restricting him in how high he can rise up from his lap. He manages to keep a decent hold of his waist even as he doubles the effort his hand is putting into the whole process. He wants to watch Cas come undone sooner rather than later. He wants that now.

ooc: Can't quite reconcile the mental image in my head. It's amusing though.

His eyes flicker shut again, Dean's name called out in something resembling a moan. He can't help it though. The man just has that kind of an effect on him, especially when he's trying. His movements shutter as Dean's restraint, but instead of complaining about it, he tries to work with it. It end up leaving him with no choice but to thrust forward into Dean's hand each time. And each move the hunter makes has his breaths coming out harsher, his head ending up dropped back against Dean's shoulder again in the vain attempt to try and ground himself.

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As Cas gets the idea, Dean just tries harder, the twist of his wrist worked into his flow now that he's sure he has Cas's attention solely on his dick. It's what he's wanted for a while now, but this is the only way he can think to make that reality. Cas spends too much time focusing on him that he doesn't take enough time for himself. Even when something like the wings happens.

ooc: ...so you're watching Merlin again? I can't keep up. But every ep so far has been pretty awesome. Pretty good start to a series.

It isn't long before he gives up on moving entirely, beyond the occasional thrust forward that's beyond his control. He's too busy grabbing ahold of Dean, moans being pulled from Castiel's throat with each slide of his hand. He doesn't bother to try and silence himself, having long since discovered just what Dean thinks about the sounds he makes.

He pulls his head back up after a while, and despite the fact he's barely able to breathe, he leans forward to kiss Dean; something that's completely off-target and far too desperate. He's too close to the edge to be able to do anything else.

ooc; You know, that's the third time you've mentioned that I stopped watching. I never did. I just got a bit pissed off with how things were going. ...this season's kind of sucked for me so far though.

"Let it go, Cas." He's talking about more than what he knows is about to happen, but it's everything else that's happened lately. He's not exactly a sensitive guy when it comes to knowing how other people are feeling, but even he can't miss how these wings have affected Cas more than just physically. It's even easier when he tries to put himself in the other man's position. He wants to get rid of the tension and the stress.

"Just let it go."

ooc: Because I swear you said you had! Ages ago. But fiiine. Deny the conversation ever happened.

What don't you like about it? Or rather... what did you want to happen? Outside of the fact the plot line running through this one is all Morgana-centric. :\ That's kinda lame. But I like Merlin being inwardly tortured every ep. That's fun. :D

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