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for diefirst
Somebody's Saviour
He hasn't mentioned that he stopped off to put an angry spirit out of its misery on the way back from his two-day mini-roadtrip. He doesn't mention it because he doesn't want Cas to ask him why they didn't go together. Dean knows the answer will upset the other man, so instead he's bringing back supplies for what's going to be more freedom for Cas and some time they can use to look over the books he's picked up. He hasn't told Cas just how many libraries he's scoured since the wings appeared, but that's not important anyway. What's important is that he needs the answer.

When he steps foot through the door it's as he's slipping his cell back into his pocket. As much as he's not going to say it where anyone else can see or hear it, he's missed Cas too. But that much is obvious in the smile he's wearing as he sets his sights on the other man.

"Did I ever play you that song by Aerosmith?" He knows Cas didn't understand his reference from before, but he can probably change that by digging out the cassette he buried somewhere at the back of his collection.

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His appreciation is clear, and loud, in the way he lets a groan slip at just how deep he can get from this angle. It's far deeper than when they're doing this normally, or when Cas is on top. Coupled with the fact he's been ready to come for a while now makes the whole process a relatively short one. That Cas is willing to do this in particular for him though just makes things even harder to hold off.

The pace he's supposed to be setting doesn't come for a few minutes, knowing all too well that whatever pace he sets is going to finish this off. He wants the release it will provide, but he also likes how this feels. It's why he doesn't move, hands sliding Cas's hips to his lower back, thumbs dipping into the indents either side of the other man's spine. After he's done there, his hands slide back to Cas's hips and then down the sides of his thighs, slipping around to the front and back up before he loses his resolve to keep still and his hips start to do the work for him. It's slow at first, only for as long as he can deal with it, and after that faster, rocking them both further towards the head of the bed and then back again.

ooc: I figured. I disappeared shortly after and slept until 10 this morning. So. Good.

It's annoying that you need a TV license if you have the Internet too. :\ I mean... iPlayer etc. Howcome you guys don't just split your bills by how many people there are? At least then you don't get landed with paying for both those things when you barely use them.

It's the feel of Dean's hands more than anything else that causes his breaths to hitch once again, and he lets out a breathy moan when the rest of him finally starts to move. His eyes slip shut, forehead pressed to the bed and both hands twisting into the sheets beneath them. Despite having already come a short time ago, he can feel himself starting to harden again with each thrust, but he resists the urge to touch himself. Instead, he just starts trying to push back with each push forward Dean makes, his name spilling from his lips every so often.

ooc; Sleep is always good.

Agreed. It makes no sense, considering it's online. And that'd probably be smartest, but I'm paying the smallest bills as it is, so I'm not complaining.

The second he feels Cas moving with him he knows this whole thing is going to end imminently. He doesn't need that extra help to get off, and it's with a half-swallowed down groan that he tries to convey that message.

He's barely holding back now, every movement and sound from Cas chipping away at the delicate hold he has on his orgasm. The way his own name is spilling from Cas's lips helps more than he wants it to and it's only the tightening of his fingers around Cas's hips that gives away he's about to have that control ripped out of him.

ooc: It was amazing. One of those sleeps where you wake up in the morning and you're not tired. Right now I'm not tired. I forget what that feels like during the week.

Fair enough. I'd suggest getting a cat and sticking it in front of the washing machine for entertainment instead but... they're even more expensive. Yesterday I had to buy her more wet food and some cat calmer air diffuser thing in preparation for fireworks night. Today it's an auto-water dispenser because she keeps flipping her water bowl over. Tomorrow evening she's got her second injection at the vet and probably more worming tablets and flea formula. So that's nearing £150 just in 3 days. Which is more than a colour TV license for the year. /end of long-winded agreement

He knows Dean far too well by now to think that tightening grip means anything less than a sign of the end approaching. It's why, after taking a moment to rearrange his arms, Castiel twists his neck around enough to half watch the man behind him. With a smile on his face, he takes a deep breath, reaching a hand behind himself to grab at Dean's knee.

"It's your turn. I want you to come for me, Dean."

ooc; I miss those. I don't think I've had a proper sleep for about five years.

Yeah, still not a fan of cats. Period.

There's a second where he's just staring at Cas, staring at the best part of what he has right now. When Cas speaks it's all he needs to do exactly as he's asking. The grip he has on his self-control is released, as is his orgasm.

He holds tight onto Cas's hips to stop himself from falling forward and straight onto his back and wings, but it's hard work when he's being jerked through the first orgasm he's had in a few weeks. It wipes his mind clean and when it starts to ebb his muscles feel weak.

ooc: Yeah, but... you're a freak. You need a ridiculously small amount of sleep.

Dogs are better. Don't get me wrong. But my cat's amusing enough. And entertaining. And the only reason I'm not turning into a complete recluse because I live on my own now. Otherwise I'd get home in the evenings and not say a word until the next morning when I get to work. Which kinda sucks. But that's just the way things went.

He makes a contented sound when he finally feels Dean coming apart, his smile growing when his orgasm hits. He doesn't move an inch for a long time, nothing beyond clenching down around Dean's cock. Eventually, he shifts forward, enough to let Dean slide free from him. Then he's flipping his wings over to one side, twisting his body to lie down on his side too, arms wrapping around Dean as he does so to guide him down to the bed. Only once they're both lying down does he push forward, kissing Dean far more softly than anything he's done that day.

ooc; Lies. I just don't GET a lot of sleep. Not enough hours in the day. D:

... Like I said. Crazy cat lady.

Dean has no choice but to flop down into the bed as Cas guides him there. He doesn't have the will or the strength to do anything else. He feels better though, head feels clearer and less caught up in the frustration that comes with not being able to have sex. It feels good, lying down and feeling the tension fall away.

When the kiss comes it takes him a few seconds to return it, more because he's in a place where it's hard to keep up with anything more than just lying there.

ooc: And you're a freak.


He smiles into the kiss, but it only lasts a few moments before he's moving on to using Dean as a human pillow, his head resting on his shoulder, and both an arm and leg winding their way around him. He's missed this; being able to be this close to Dean. And even if it's only been a couple of days since they were physically in the same room, he knows it's been far longer since they were actually close; his wings being the reason he hasn't remedied that any sooner.

"Love you, Dean." His eyes are still open and peering up at the man as he nuzzles against his neck. "M'sorry I've been acting strange."

ooc; You should know.

A similar sort of smile graces Dean's lips seconds after, but he doesn't say anything in return yet. He's still lost in headspace that won't allow him to move any part of his body, including his mouth. He's missed this just as much as he's missed the actual sex, but he doesn't think he needs to say that. He doesn't need to put into words what his body's doing for him already by leaning slightly into Cas.

When he does finally pull together the strength to say something back, it takes the clearing of his throat to get him started.

"You're strange on a good day, Cas." But then so is he. Neither of them are shining examples of normalcy. And that doesn't bother him in the slightest anymore. Not when he knows he has someone willing to do this alongside him whatever it takes. The fact Cas's own little dream ending springs into his head now keeps him from dismissing the idea straight away. He's too wiped out from his orgasm to come up with all the reasons as to why that ending is so unlikely. It keeps the smile on his lips.

ooc: Only because I talk to you.

"Stranger than normal then." His words sound amused, having already given up on trying to push his point. He's already fairly sure that Dean knows what he means, and if he doesn't, then it'll just come up later. For now, he'd rather just enjoy the time they have together before they need to leave the motel again.

Tilting his face back down again, Castiel gets himself comfortable, head sliding across to rest above Dean's heart. He's listening to it beating away, not willing to get up just yet. Instead, he lets his eyes close, arm tightening around Dean's waist, and his wing coming up to cover them both again.

ooc; I'm the highlight of your week. Don't start.

"Stranger than strange. Yeah." Dean agrees and waits for Cas to get comfortable before he presses his nose and mouth into the top of his hair. It tickles just that little too much and he has to pull away again, but the arm that's wrapped instinctively around Cas's shoulders tightens too.

"Guess I'd have some issues if I grew wings outta nowhere." It would be even more strange because he's never had wings. But he can appreciate it's weird for Cas to have something back he thought he'd lost for good. That and the physical strain they must be putting on the guy.

"We gotta leave soon." This time he doesn't feel bad about uttering those words that Cas has disliked more than once. This time he knows he's taking Cas somewhere that will be better. At least until they work this out.

ooc: That wasn't the word I was going to use. In your defence... you're quite amusing sometimes.

"I think wings would suit you." Not that he really wants Dean to ever have to deal with them. Not given how much they've already managed to get in the way so far. He may've finally found a way to deal with them, but it's only thanks to the experience he already had back when they were really his. "You wouldn't be able to wear a shirt again though." He stops with the patterns tilts his head back up to look toward Dean again. There definitely wouldn't be any complaints on his side if the hunter was made to go topless for a while.

Untangling his leg, he goes back to practically straddling Dean again, stretching out on top of the man instead. He rests his hands on Dean's chest, his chin resting on top of them. "You don't have to do this for me, Dean. I'll be happy as long as you're with me. It doesn't matter where we are."

ooc; You can't live without me. Deal with it.

"You think they'd suit me? Dude, we're talking about wings. Not what shade brings the color in my eyes out." Which he's been told a thousand times by various different girls all looking for a good time. It's a random memory that he pushes away the second Cas is back on top of him.

"I know I don't have to." It's true for almost everything they do that isn't specifically related to the Apocalypse. That part he knows he has less than no choice if he wants to be able to live with himself. The rest is all optional, including what they're doing now. Except he knows that it's not. It's what's keeping him getting up in the mornings. It's how far he's subscribed to Cas's ideal outcome without actually having to say it.

"It'll give us some room to figure out what we're gonna do about it."

ooc: ...like air?!

"Dean, I'd think anything suits you, simply because it's you. That, and I may be a little biased. There are certain things I'd be able to show you." He has a grin on his face now, even as he sits himself back upright and folds his own wings flat against his back again. Instead of explaining himself though, he looks back across the room and down toward their clothes.

"How long will it take to get there?"

ooc; Exactly!

"If we leave now? Few hours." What he means is he can use the highways if they're traveling while it's dark. Otherwise it means taking a bunch of backroads and extending their journey far beyond what he thinks is reasonable. But he's too caught up on what the grin was about to really answer with any interest.

"What things?"

ooc: ...of course. You're exactly like air.

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