Dean Winchester (iamwinchester) wrote,
Dean Winchester

for diefirst

When he comes around the first time it’s dark, too dark to be anywhere with windows. He doesn’t understand how he got back inside, or which part of the cabin he’s in, but he’s too busy passing out again to be alarmed. It’s only when he cracks his eyes open a second time the concern switches to flat-out worry with the speed of a bullet. He was looking for Cas in the forest, he remembers that. But he can’t feel the warm lump that’s usually next to him anywhere. He can’t feel the feathers he’s growing used to either.

That few seconds of acute worry means his brain has completely bypassed everything else that’s wrong. For starters, he can’t hear out of one of his ears, his head hurts, he thinks he may have broken a rib when he finally moves to try and figure out where the hell he is and, more importantly, where Cas is. He doesn’t make a sound though until he hits his head, metal clanging loudly as he realizes just what he's in. This isn’t the cabin, and it’s not the forest. It’s a cage.

He can feel the anger boiling up inside of him. This wasn’t supposed to happen, and even while he’s checking his pockets to see if he still has his cell phone on him, he’s cursing under his breath.
Tags: verse: twitterverse/crack, who: diefirst
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