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[OOC] Merry Christmas!
Sooo. This year, for Christmas, I've decided to do something a little different for everyone. Instead of writing fic, I've decided it'd be fun to do a "free for all" on threads. This is how it works:

1. Pick one of my muses from the list below;
2. Pick one of your muses and a scenario or SL you'd like to play out;
3. You can either comment here or PM me what you'd like and I'll set the thread up and make it work!

A few notes:
1. You can be as cracky as you like. It is Christmas after all, and this is supposed to be fun!
2. I only have two conditions: Wincest and mpreg squiiicks me bigtime. So. Sadly I can't promise I'll do either of those. Aside from that, feel free to go as nuts, fluffy, angsty, cracky or sad as you like.
3. If you follow any of these muses' verses and would like your thread to be based on one of those, that's fine, but it won't be counted unless mutually agreed with the muse's versemates!
4. As of now, though I have a while off over Christmas to have free for all funtimes, I can't pick up any new verses. :(
5. Rating can go all the way up to NC-17, but I'll be locking those for adult-content.

Dean Winchester [SPN] iamwinchester - canon
Dean Winchester [SPN] fearlessleader - future
Loki [Dogma] believeinthis
Archangel Suriel [OC] commandofgod
Merlin [BBC's Merlin] lights_his_way

Thanks & Merry Christmas!

Cooks x

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How funnn!

Hmmmmmmmmm. I need to think about this. :D

Hee! I thought so. I wanted to do something a little different for Christmas this year. <3

I likkkkke it! But now I'm all torn between something with future Dean or canon Dean. :D <3

Trying to think of which Dean :3 and scenario! But maybe something kind of serious business or survival-esque? :|a

We should get a beer. Send Sammy and Cas out for tacos.

I'm guessing you want Perfect!Dean then? :P Sam and Cas spending time together seems strange in my head. Possibly because that would be Crumpet tagging herself.

Pretty please!

I think they'd watch football with beer and stuff their faces. :)

I would like a Sam and Dean thread in Perfect. Maybe he and Jess come over, and we can tie it in with Munchkin's request. IDK. But I want to see the two of them out with a beer, just chatting about how life's changed <3

...you don't want a Cas thread?! I'm speechless.

No, I just hadn't got that far yet ;)

Christmas Day, BF!style plz! :D

For the record? It feels weird having this Cas interact with this Dean.

Well this is the only Dean I know of that posted this. So tough :P

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