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[OOC] The verselist
Canon - Kinda obvious. :D

Team Archangel
- Dean is taken from canon (unless the writers screw up >|) throughout season 6 and applied to the alternative reality he's now in with Sam (lost_myshoe ) and Cas (diefirst ). Cue multiple versions of himself, his brother and his angel friend with added angst because it just wouldn't be an SPN-based verse without it.

Twitterverse - Cracktastic. Pre-apocalypse with Cas (diefirst ) and the open road. It's a shame that open road tends to get them into too many scrapes to count.

Anything else Dean has been in/is supposed to be part of that isn't listed I've lost track of. I'm sorry! D: If you want to remind me and/or have an idea or two, feel free to poke me! Just be aware that, in general, I'm go slow on weekdays since I'm in a completely different timezone to most of you and work kicks my ass more often than not. :\