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Christmas Gifts
Fine 'm smilin'
...because everyone's making him look bad.

Team Archangel

Cas (diefirst ) - He knows they've talked through just where they stand with each other now. But it doesn't stop him leaving this and this out on the table with a scribbled note asking Cas to pick somewhere. He means for that roadtrip he's willing them both to be around for afterwards.

Sam (lost_myshoe ) - Old habits die hard, and even this year he's spared no expense at the gas station a little way outside of Vulture. He's left a selection of these and a pile of these on Sam's bed. He also got Sam these, but he took them for himself. :\

Sam (deathwontstopme ) - He doesn't know you all that well yet, but you're a Sam and therefore need something from a gas station. Maybe he'll get to share a couple at some point.

Gabe - He knows sometimes it's just about the simple things. What was he supposed to get an archangel, anyway? So he's left these and this.

Buffy - Just because he has a sense of humor, and knows Buffy does too, he's left her this.


Cas - He thought pretty long and hard about this. He's already well past the point of it being awkward, but he's left this, an identical version of his own, along with these on the table. The rest of your present is somewhere here. You just have to find it first.

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I hope you realise that Cas is going to use him as a plate now for all that fruit.

And then attempt to mix his favourites together into another pie for Dean.

Also, ROADTRIP! He'll even make sure it's somewhere they don't have to fly to.

Dean agrees with all of these ideas. The hidden present is on him somewhere. Buuut a thread is required. /mysterious. It's the stupidest of them all. :D

Hahahah agreed. Cas' gift is one that needs logging too.

I'll save it until you're staying in one place. Totally worth it. Still got the other idea too. Which I vaguely remember now.

Write it down before you forget it. Again.

It'll have to be on my phone. In bed already.

That works too. >> So does sleep.

I agree. Except I'm doing a good job of coughing my lungs up. I knew this would happen.

>| I told you, you're not allowed to get sick. Stop it right now, missy.

UNCOOL. I dislike being sick immensely. And still I won't be able to take sick days because I'm on bloody holiday from tomorrow lunch anyway. GDI.

And they wont let you do a half day from home instead?

No. Tomorrow I have to bug the web hosts to make sure I have access from home for the 26th and 27th. Otherwise I really will be given my P45. >.>

Despite it being something they control and not you? Your company really fails.

They pay me to deal with things like that. The site is pretty much my 'baby', as they termed it. If it isn't up to date that's my fault. Buuut not if people are lazy with briefs. Then I get pissed at people.

:/ I don't blame you for getting annoyed, considering how useless they're all being.

I get annoyed because if they don't give me briefs and the site isn't done, I look bad. And the same if they brief me at the 11th hour. It just means I have to stay late because once again, if it's not done, I'd get the blame. You do have to be pretty dedicated to work in that department. :\ but after all of that, it's still better than the last place. By miles.

Sam and Gabe are delighted - and man, that lighter. *I* want that lighter! XD

Gabe may also be cackling about how Uri's going to be jealous of that lighter but he's keeping that to himself.

Hee! I KNOW. How cool is it? I knew Dean would want to get something manly for Gabe. And then figured he'd get cigarettes and a zippo.

And Gabe appreciates it a lot. That lighter will get shown off a lot!

Buffy will just.. laugh forever about this. She'll keep it forever, too, even if she'll probably never have to wear it. :D

Dean is a really, really hard person to buy for. She got him this, because you can never have enough, this, because they could always use better care, and lastly, this. Because, well. She had to.

Dean's just going to look pleased with all of his presents, and not because he's a total girl and thinks all of them are perfect.

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