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Permissions | Ataraxion
Dean is human and doesn't have any particular superpowers, but he does have a fairly decent grasp on the supernatural, signs of it, traits of many different types of supernatural creatures. He's also a hunter of the supernatural, something he's been exposed to since the age of 6/7 and has been participating in from his teenage years. SO:
  • he's far more likely to be able to pick up on the supernatural beings on the ship where other people probably wouldn't be able to see it outright or without very physical indicators. He's going to be able to focus in on strange behaviour and will probably be able to classify it slightly quicker than the average non-hunter human
  • he's also very good at hunting people/things down regardless of their powers (within reason)
  • he's also quick, strong and has very intimate experience with fighting, shooting and torture. Unfortunately, he isn't invincible, so sometimes this isn't enough and he gets his ass handed to him D:
So if you pleeeeeease! Fill this form out for me to let me know how much you'd like Dean to be able to pick up about your character. I don't want to tread on any toes by having him staring at werewolves like he's about to reach for a silver bullet if that's not okay with you!

Thank yoooou!

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Character name/character journal: Jenna Sommers
Species/creature type: Grad student alcaholis Vampire.
Powers: AH THE LIST. She's able to move rly rly fast, has bionic powered up hearing, is stronger than the average bear, and has REALLY SUPER GREAT alcohol tolerance. Also there's the blood drinking mind control stuff.
What can Dean glean about your character before they've explicitly told him? I'd be fine with Dean either being somewhat suspicious of Jenna or finding out what she is; TVD vamps are different than the usual (they eat, they have pulses and heatbeats, they're slightly cooler to the touch but nothing that looks like more than bad circulation, they show up in mirrors/picture and the usual Holy Water/cross/garlic stuff is all void) but Dean's a sharp cookie, so I won't be like HE'LL NEVER KNOOOOOOOW.
Anything you'd rather Dean didn't work out before your character has made it public knowledge? I'd rather he not out her as a vampire himself before it becomes public knowledge, but then again that could make a cool plot. SO BASICALLY LET'S SEE.

Edited at 2011-12-10 10:19 pm (UTC)

Ooh, I didn't know that about TVD vamps. Tbh, I don't think Dean's going to know that far in advance. If there aren't any signs that he's used to present then he's not going to be looking for anything else, you know? BUT. Yeah, I mean if she does do something that catches his attention for the wrong reasons and you want to plot out something like that, I AM COOL WITH THAT.

(Deleted comment)
Character name/character journal: Todd
Species/creature type: Wraith
Powers: Accelerated regeneration, vampiric draining (reversible), a mild form of super strength/agility, and weak telepathy
What can Dean glean about your character before they've explicitly told him? That he's really tall, really pale, and really green. I don't know how aliens fit into the Supernatural canon, but unless there's some precedent, Dean probably won't know a whole lot about his species.
Anything you'd rather Dean didn't work out before your character has made it public knowledge? He's not going to come clean about the whole energy vampirism thing, so Dean's fine to figure it out. I'd just prefer it if we plotted a bit beforehand.

Hello! Thanks for the info!

The green thing's probably going to be something that catches Dean's attention. And he'd probably do a pretty good job of keeping an eye on Todd if he's given half a chance.

Since there are quite a lot of these strange creatures that he's never seen before, though, unless you specifically want that to become a plot he probably won't catch on unless he sees Todd doing his energy vamp thing?

I don't mind if Dean tries to keep watch on him. He's going to stick out no matter what he does, so there really isn't a reason why Dean wouldn't be able to notice him.

That sounds good. I'm thinking of opening up a brainstorming session once the game starts to settle down, so we could talk about it in more detail then.

Sounds tres awesome! I shall keep my eyes peeled for it! <3

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